Vanderkitten-Focus Team Camp

Photo By Jason Perry.

This past weekend was our team camp and presentation. There are many fantastic photos by legendary photogs Jason Perry and Christopher See, and  articles documenting the camp by Cycling News,  Velowoo, Podium Cafe, and Famous Fan Boy Rand Miller of Counter Attacking Reallity.

Not to get off the subject of camp but I was reading fan boy’s latest blog, and it got me thinking. If I, were to publicly talk that kind of trash, about my teamies or competitors, I would probably be labeled with a not so nice name. Why is it this? Why can men thrive on trash talking, but the second a woman does, she is a catty beeotch? Now its acceptable for women to trash talk the men, and we are often encouraged to do so, at least those who are good at it. I’ve come close to bringing Rand the woo boy himself to tears, but I could never, ever do that to a woman.

So why the double standard? It cant be because women are soft, in fact I think Kristin Armstrong proved just how tough women are by delivering a crushing blow to the majority of the men’s field, decimating their times in the TT at Merco. I will point out to all the men that if they trained harder, and looked down at their oiled legs less, there is a small possibility that their girlfriends could look them in the eye and still respect them in the morning, but I would be lying.

So again why the double standard? What is keeping me from picking a nemesis? Or commenting on one’s ability to race a bike with a stick up their arse? Am I willing to test these waters? Heck no. There are plenty of men out there who would love to see a cat fight, and just because I rock a kitty suit does not mean im willing to go there. So I will have to stick to making fun of myself, the woo boys, and maybe MKUltr4 because she is a tough girl and a bit cray cray.

I could go in to all the details of camp, but I will simple say It was Pro. And leave you with this. 
photo by Jason Perry

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