New Partnership & Favorite Homemade Recovery Drink.

I was laying on the floor this morning, working my IT band on the foam roller. It’s amazing where your mind will go, during this self inflicting pain session. My thoughts wondered to how fortunate I am. I have a strong support system of Gino ❤, friends, family, and friends who are my family. They keep my head on straight, and keep me going, when days are hard.  I have a team of professionals who are helping me to rehab my hip, and become a stronger cyclist. in addition, whether you know it or not, all of you readers inspire me to be the best athlete I can be. So, “Thank You”.

That foam roller pain session also provided a great segway in to this post.

I’m supper excited to announce a new partnership with Body Kinetics of Mill Valley. They will be helping in my recovery, along with Mill Valley Physical Therapy & Sports Rehabilitation to get me back on the bike, stronger then ever, along with my amazing Coach Adnan Kadir of  Aeolus Endurance Sport .

Body Kinetics Health Club and Spa is a family owned business. Located at 639 E. Blithdale Ave in Mill Valley, lucky for me right across the street from PT and minutes from my home.

What makes Body Kinetics unique, is their personalized programs and comfortable atmosphere.

I have gone to a lot of gyms, and I have never been as comfortable, or as stoked to go to one, as I am to Body Kinetics. It dose not smell, it is not creepy, or over packed, its not a meat market, and your not treated like a bar code as you are scanned in. People here remember your name, and they smile at you when you walk through their door. You get a since of ease and comfort as you head back to their safe, clean, locker rooms where you store your things, in a security code locker. No more excuses of “I forgot my pad lock”.

On top of exceptional services such as, specialized fitness training programs, cutting edge small group classes, fitness camps, Yoga, spa services, and Pilates Method training, they again separate them selves from others in the fitness industry by maintaining a beautiful facility and providing a friendly caring environment.

Their educated, professional staff is able to address the many concerns of a diverse population. I love coming in every day and seeing a range in age, from high school kids to the elderly.

I’m also supper excited to be partnering with a company that promotes social involvement, supports community, as well as environmental and health causes.

If you would like to come and work out with me, check out the facility, or one of their extensive group exercise classes, Yoga, Pilates Mat, Body Sculpt, Core Conditioning, Zumba and Spin classes, just let me know and ill be happy to have you as my guest.

Look for future posts, as I will be announcing rides, clinics, and possible other events I will be leading at Body Kinetics.

Thank you all for being patient, I know I posted in my last blog that I would be sharing recipes, and you probably hoped it would come sooner, so here is the  first one, it is my  favorite homemade recovery drink.

Beet Juice. Shared from my favorite cook book that every cyclist should have. If you do not already have it, I’m happy to introduce you to “The Feed Zone” Fast and Flavorful Food for Athletes Cookbook, by Biju Thomas & Allen Lim.

Beets in all their forms are one of the best foods for us. They are loaded with vitamins and minerals and recent research has shown that they can even help improve the efficiency of exercising muscles.

Start by cutting the beets to whatever size works best in your juicer.
(I have the Omega J8oo4 Nutrition Center Commercial Masticating Juicer  ★★★★★ in my book)

3 medium beets, peeled
1 apple, cored
4 medium carrots, peeled

Optional Additions:

1/4 of a fresh pineapple
1 cup chopped kale
1/2 cup packed fresh parsley
1 cup chopped celery

(I personally find it perfect with out any of the additions).
Tip I would recommend. Peeling the beets will reduce the bitterness.

Left to Right. Grapefruit Juice, Green Juice (that recipe next time), Beet Juice, and Carrot Orange, that ones simple Half Carrots half Orange. Enjoy!