As a professional athlete, I will represent your brand in a professional manner at all times. I will support and endorse your brand through racing, podiums, appearances, and events, as well as on my personal website and through social media outlets.

My passion for cycling is infectious, and I approach every person I meet with the same level of energy and zeal that has gotten me where I am so far. That authenticity is reflected back to every organization that sponsors me, and thousands of people every year are exposed to my sponsors via my involvement in the sport.

Over the years I have worked with many wonderful sponsors who have given so much and ask for so little in return. I want to change that, I want to do more for the companies who support athletes and more importantly female athletes.

I want to change the entitlement mentality that is often associated with athletes, instead, I want to partner with companies and products that I believe in. I want to share my passion for sport and adventure by testing, representing, and being a cheerleader for my partner companies and their products. Through product write-ups, blog, video, and photo representation on Instagram, Facebook, etc. I will represent your product and put it to the test.   

As a professional Cat 1 racer entering into my 11th year in the women’s peloton, having raced all over the world for Crit and Road teams, I’ve built a loyal fan base along the way. I am known for my sprint, aggressive racing style and dedication to my teammates. I have always been a strong ambassador for my sponsors and for the sport of cycling. I’m equally known for my interaction with fans at every race, and for the outreach, I’ve done with youth, schools, and communities around the globe. When I’m not racing, I’m training on and off the bike, running trails, lifting, and my favorite past time Overlanding in the backcountry, exploring all that nature has to offer. So, outdoor gear is my second big love, putting things to the test, finding what works best and truly dialing in the setup, so there is more focus on the adventure.   

For 2018 I am looking to extend the companies I work with as a brand ambassador, and I would love to add Stages to that list. As a local athlete, I will be available for events, will write one product review for each sponsored piece and will highlight Stages once a week in social media posts with one video highlight a month. I can also offer an athlete discount code for tracking and promotional purposes with each post and can offer product testing data feedback if desired. Any product apparel given will be worn in social media posts and hats are always great for podium shots. I am open to any other ideas on how I can help promote your brand, so let’s make this a conversation. 

I hope you will be a part of the 2018 season and help me as I help get my product of choice out to the people so they can enjoy this sport using the best products as I do.


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