My Story

I grew up in the mountains of Northeastern Washington, with a love for the outdoors, I was adventurous from the start. I remember watching Mary Lou Retton in the 1984 Olympics, and Kerri Strug over come the impossible in the 1996 Olympics, knowing that I wanted to grow up to be an athlete and represent my country as they did. I remember always trying to race my sister, on foot, by bike, and in the water. I believe I was born strongly competitive, my sister, on the other hand, was not. This drove me crazy so I would try to find a way to compete even if that meant I was running from her.

First Ride

Cycling was my first true love, later at the age of 14 came rock climbing, then running track, and shortly after came soccer. Soccer is where I learned to love team sports and the family/community that it fosters. This is where I first revisited my dreams of becoming a professional athlete. My plans were derailed when at the age of 15 I lost my mother to cancer and was forced to grow up rather quickly, supporting myself, and seeing that I finished high school. Soccer kept me focused and I graduated top of my class, and with a scholarship in hand but I chose a different path. I wanted a world with more opportunity, my new focus was to get out of the small town I grew up in and I found my way to Seattle.

I found cycling again when I took a job as a bike messenger. I didn’t realize it at the time but this job would end up taking me all over the world to compete in messenger championship races and eventually to San Francisco where I would discover road racing and my dream of becoming a professional athlete.

Over the years I put myself through college and discovered my creative side as a Graphic Designer. I won the Portfolio Show in my program and started building my client base before I even graduated. This allowed me to eventually work for myself (its been 11 years now) and be able to dedicate more time, energy and focus on my cycling career. I am now in Portland OR, (just outside of, in Vancouver, WA) married, have two Australian Shepards and a home on land that offers easy access to beautiful county roads to train.

I have balance in my life. This has become an important part of my development as an athlete. Taking time to nurture healthy positive relationships with a few close humans is important to me, being an athlete is consuming and I often need to be selfish, so carving out time for those I love and who support me is key, as is finding time for things outside of cycling and being close to nature hiking, trail running, and Overlanding. This creates an opportunity to practice calm and focus, that translates back to competition when surrounded by chaos.

With a cancelled 2020 season I look back on what I have accomplished and am grateful for every opportunity I have had, looking forward I stay focused on accomplishing that little girl’s dream to one day represent my country in sport, and being that inspiration to another little girl.

Discipline: Road Cycling ⋅ Racing Age: 40 ⋅ Strengths on the bike: Sprinting, Aggressive Attacks, Domestique, Power Climbs, Team Player ⋅ Coach: Kendra Wenzel ⋅ Resides: Longmont, CO ⋅ Started Competitive Cycling: 2007