Race Season Info

Thank you for visiting my Athlete page, for taking an interest in women’s sports, and for supporting the women in your life to go after their own dreams.

Here you will find, season updates, race calendars, team info, sponsors, places to fallow me, recent posts and much more as the 2016 season gets under way.

I’m super excited to partner with KindHuman in 2016. It’s always been a company I admire and respect because they focus on making performance cycling more accessible to all riders by offering responsibly priced, top-quality, hot-looking products, and a personal experience to match. KindHuman also gives back to the community via scholarships, charity, and supporting youth in cycling; we share the same values, and I’m happy to be a part of that mission.

I have personally experienced and witnessed how cycling can change a person’s life for the better. People’s stories, how they got into cycling, and how they are giving back to the sport is what makes this sport special to me. I respect achievements and podiums, and strive for them myself, but that’s not what keeps me in this sport. Being able to inspire and encourage others to live healthy, active lives, and to fuel someone’s passion for cycling is what inspires me to keep going and building a strong, positive cycling community. I am honored to be part of the KindHuman family, to share my story on and off the bike, with hopes to inspire others.

I’m also really looking forward to the design collaboration opportunities ahead! It’s going to be an awesome experience, and for the first time, fans will have access to not only the bikes I ride, but bikes I design with the KindHuman team!
The 2016 season will be the first in my career in which I get to race with out a particular role, so I’ll be pushing myself into some new areas, and hopefully amplifying the places where I’m strong. I’m also looking forward to guest riding with some awesome teams, and to try my hand at racing more in the dirt!
More announcements coming soon!


~ Starla Teddergreen

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