Dave Towle
Professional Announcer

“Teams and Companies that are successful need riders like Starla Teddergreen for many reasons. Over the last few years I’ve had a chance to watch her show true class, professionalism and grace. The fact that she has gotten results and is a feared competitor is one thing, and an important one. The other side of the coin is the way your sponsors and team are represented off the bike. You couldn’t find a better ambassador for cycling and sport than Starla”.

Adnan Kadir
Aeolus Endurance Sport
USAC level 1 Licensed Coach

“I have known Starla for several years and she was an athlete of mine for four years, performing at the professional level during her entire tenure.

Starla’s performance and professionalism are exceptional. Her depth of sports and product knowledge, approachability, and eager nature make working with her a pleasure. She is an exceptional rider and a true professional and represents her sponsors exceptionally well.

I highly recommend Starla for personal sponsorship. She is a team player and would make a great asset to any organization”.

Jono Coulter
Director Vanderkitten Athletics LLC

“I have known Ms. Teddergreen since 2008 as an athlete, friend and former rider on Vanderkitten Pro Women’s Cycling Team.

She is the consummate professional, juggling team duties as required while racing at the top level across the USA, in addition to being an integral part of team promotional events, community duties and school visits.

I would recommend Ms Teddergreen in the highest level to any company, supporter or organization that encourages and assists her efforts to continue being an elite athlete and brand ambassador”.

Laurel Green
Director-Early Bird Women’s Developmental Cycling Team, Coach:  Peaks Coaching Group

“Starla Teddergreen is one of the most agile, supportive, dynamic, positive athletes on the National Elite Female Road Racing circuit. She’s a quick rider, as well as a quick thinker. Starla has racing experience from Central America, Australia and Europe, and she can hold her own in any professional peloton. Her heart, her dedication, and her ability to read races is unmatched by many. She’s resourceful both on the race course and off of the race course when traveling.  Her ability to listen to teammates, and help make decisions on the fly in a pack is phenomenal. Starla is a worker, and she’s a sprinter. Put her in a role for the team, and she’ll get it done, above and beyond what’s been asked.”


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