Social Media. Love, Hate or a Slave to it.

We use social media for different reasons, frequent some platforms more than others, and might engage a little, a lot, or… nonstop. For some it’s work. For others its a way to express themselves, stay connected, or a way to fill the empty void of space and time, or a way to not be alone with our thoughts.

If I were to take a poll on how you use social media, what platforms you gravitate towards and why, the answers would be as varied as are our ages and personalities. Social media is something different to each of us, and will be something different through different times in our lives. I remember the days when we were just social, but in recent times we rely on social media to stay in touch, to keep up with what is going on in the world, to remain relevant, to share a laugh, or to find warm fuzzies. We all know there is an ugly side as well, and it would be easy to leave this part out. Realistically though, we have all likely been attacked, bullied, called out, or cancelled. I personally refuse to engage in the negative aspects. There are enough loud voices screaming, and I’m not one of them. When I strongly believe in something, posting or commenting on social media is not the platform for me. If I must get involved I personally reach out to have a conversation, and gain understanding. If its a bigger challenge, I vote, I take it to my congressperson, to my community leaders, and participate where change actually happens.

I realize as a professional athlete I have a special platform. I have chosen to do good with it, and to me that means I need to set a realistic example, share honest content about who I am as an athlete, and as a person. As an athlete I represent sponsors who support me. Their support makes this all possible, and I only work with sponsors whose product or service I believe in so I’m never struggling to come up with authentic, honest content. I choose to include my dogs, my husband, teammates, and friends because without them my story would be incomplete. I use Instagram to tell my story and document my life, so I have something to look back on when I’m having rough days, to put things into perspective, and remind myself why I work so hard, and continue to be grateful for the opportunities I have. 

With what I share, I aim to set a positive yet realistic example. It’s not all bikes and heavy weights all of the time. It’s not only good days. I’m not anyone special, nor do I strive to be an influencer. I’m just another human working really hard to fulfill a dream, live a life with little regret, and hopefully inspire others to do the same. 

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