There are a lot of new and exciting partnerships in the works for 2015. If you click, watch the video, and are Interested in supporting or learning more, then check out my Athlete page at PHGB. Over the next few weeks/months there will be a lot of updates and exciting announcements.

I am super excited to be a Play Hard Give Back Athlete! Through this sponsorship you can fuel your hunger and my dreams along with my partnered organization SheJumps. Check out my PHGB Athlete page, learn more about me and my dream, why SheJumps, and how you can support us both by snacking on healthy, awesome snacks.

2013 was an amazing year! Let me break it down: Strava reports the following, but does not include the following rides where I: • did not think a Garmin was worth turning on. • forgot said Garmin. • forgot to charge the Garmin. • forgot to upload the Garmin files to Strava. What was reported: I logged 5,391.9 miles, which is the distance between Free State and Bakhtiyarpur, if you were wondering. I spent over… Read More

I’m excited to be going home, and disappointed for the reason. It has been a great season so far, and I was looking forward to this time on the road racing Glencoe, Tulsa Tough, and Nature Valley. Well, the racing was realistically over before it really had a chance to begin. A torrential downpour engulfed the Glencoe criterium. With 5 laps to go I hit the deck pretty hard due to a… Read More

It is hard for me to update my blog. Im great with social media, quick posts to FB and Twitter im even good at posting to my GoFund me account, but this blog for me is somehow a black whole where blog drafts go to die. There are several posts, just sitting there never to be published, never to be seen . Why?  Your guess is as good as mine. Maybe its… Read More


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